Change Assessment at Beatrice Manor

Change Assessment at Beatrice Manor
BHMC 431 Leadership in Healthcare
Assignment 1.2
Teresa Kagy
Bellevue University

This paper will talk about how the Beatrice Manor deals with change and the many changes that are taking place at the Beatrice Manor.

The Beatrice Manor was purchased by Ensign Healthcare group in July of 2010 and along with that came many changes not only within the Beatrice Manor but within the Ensign Healthcare organization.   “Transformation is the centerpiece of the future of health care” (Porter-O & Malloch 2011).
All healthcare organizations have to deal with change every day. At the Beatrice manor we have had many changes from management, staff and renovation changes. Since the purchase of Beatrice Manor by Ensign there have been many changes implemented many you can see and many that are not visible by the eye.
The first big change that was made was that the administrator became the CEO and many staff where terminated and new staff where put in those positions. We know have new management that comes down from Omaha to ensure that the changes at the facility are being done and to check in to see if the facility is running to Ensign Expectations.
The next big change noted at the Beatrice Manor was the implementation of the computer charting for the aides and the nurses. These changes for the new computer systems are a new and constant changes as new things are added on a daily basis’s.   This change was very hard for staff at first because they were so time consuming and many of the older staff did not have computer abilities so it really was hard for them to adjust to and make these changes, but know they are very welcomed changes. As the time goes on it is much easier to deal with these changes because the organization is slowly introducing the changes so that it is not so overwhelming for the staff.
The biggest and final change that I will talk about is the renovation changes made...