CELTA ASSIGNMENT 2 – Teaching The Skills

This assignment will look at creating a lesson teaching the receptive skill of reading.   The receptive skills are so called because they are to do with “receiving and decoding information” (Watkins, 2005, p57).

The topic of the lesson will be about the issue of sunbathing.   This would follow on from a previous lesson on holidays.  

The lesson will be aimed at the intermediate level and requires reading the native language effectively, using skimming for gist, scanning and reading in detail.   The authentic material is taken from The Daily Telegraph.   Watkins (2005, p57) suggests that ‘authentic texts’ give exposure to ‘real’ English and can be very motivating for learners.  

ENGAGE   (3 minutes)

Endorsing Harmer’s ESA method, I would engage the class by showing them some photographs of people sunbathing ( Appendix A).   Upon eliciting from the students what the pictures are showing, I would ask them “can anyone predict from these pictures what we will be reading about today?” In pairs, they would then be asked to discuss briefly whether they sunbathed and if so, when and where?   The lexis used here will come later in the text.

STUDY   (20 minutes)

Having introduced the theme of the lesson with the engage stage, I would hand out a sheet   (Appendix B) with an article from The Daily Telegraph.   Before asking the students to skim the article, I would pre-teach some of the more complex vocabulary and elicit meaning in order that they do not become frustrated while reading.   I would highlight two key words, deficiency and paranoia and drill pronunciation if needed, using the phonetic alphabet. However, the students need to practice dealing with texts where they do not know every word ‘as this is much closer to their real life experience’ (Watkins, 2005, p59).   This article has a heading and sub heading.   Firstly, I would ask an individual what they think these headings mean.   I would then ask them to quickly...