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1 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA)

Application, Registration

and General Course Information

for Applicants

1 Bell Warsaw, ul. Nowy Świat 6/12,   00-497 Warszawa,

|Tel:   +48   22   621 38 36                   |Fax:   +48   22   625 77 34                   |E-mail:   warsaw@bellschools.pl                     |

      ELS-Bell Head Office al. Niepodległości 792   81-805 Sopot

|Tel: +48 58 551 3298                         |Fax: +48 58 555 0502                       |E-mail: ziolkowska@elsbell.pl                           |

2 All Cambridge CELTA courses world-wide are externally moderated and standardised by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Teaching Awards [Cambridge ESOL]. Although all courses throughout the world follow the same syllabus, the actual course timetable will vary from centre to centre.

  While the blue booklet “What is CELTA? Candidate Information” published by Cambridge ESOL (if not included in this pack, you can find this information at the Cambridge web-site: www.cambridgeESOL.org will answer many of your questions as to the general course requirements and course content, this document should provide you with more detailed information on the particular course we offer at ELS-Bell. Included you will find information on the various aspects of the intensive (4-week) and extensive (20- week) ELS-Bell CELTA programme, from facilities and resources available to the application and registration procedures.

  • ELS-Bell
  • A Typical Day
  • Input Sessions
  • Teaching Practice and Feedback
  • Written Assignments
  • Overall Assessment
  • Observations
  • Tutors
  • Facilities
  • Interview Process
  • Preparing for the Course and Reading
  • Post-Course
  • Equality of Opportunity Policy
  • Payment and Refund Policies
  • Accommodation
  • Finally

3 Bell International, Poland

The Bell school in Warsaw...