Celta Treaching Practive

    • Ensure learners are engaged and on task
    • Face ALL students
    • Make sure ALL students can see writing on the whiteboard
    • Model / DEMONSTRATE how to do activities
    • CORRECT pronunciation problems – CHORAL/ INDIVIDUAL DRILLING

1. Lead in – 5mins

To pre-teach :
Quiz, guess, unemployed, writer, office, depends, work with your hands, uniform, letters.
Tie, skirt, trousers, get dressed, wear, top, practical, jacket, shirt, comfortable.

      • 2 mins[powerPoint presentation] We are going to start with a quiz, a game. Please look at the board. What word you can make with these letters? Have a guess. Talk each table together. You have one minute.
[CHECK INSTRUCTIONS] are you going to make words or listen? Are you going to do that alone or each table together? How long you have to do that?
Ok have a look on the picture. What do you think the word is? It’s teacher/nurse/writer X3
[do choral drilling during that exercise]
JOBS/ Work.
      • 1 mins [ask 3 students what is his/her job?/ what does she/he do for living? – questions and new words “unemployed”sentences written on the board, try to fit in “work with your hands” and office”, choral and indiwidual drylling]
      • 2mins Now have a look on that picture [picture of a nurse] what does she have to do before work? Get dressed
So what does she wear to work? Can she wear jeans to work? No she wears a uniform, special clothes.
Why do you think she wears uniform to work? Do you think she can move easly? Can she reach easly? Because is comfortable and good in use practical.
I have got pictures of uniform’s parts please match them with word. Like that [picture of a top] this is a top.
Each table work together [gesticulation]. You have one minute
[CHECK INSTRUCTIOM] Are you going to match picture with word or read? How much time you have for that exercise? Are you going to do it alone?