Celta Language Skill

Assignment 1

Target language:
1   I’ve lost my keys. | Form:Present perfect simple tenseSubject + auxiliary verb + past participle of the action verb. |
Function/meaning:The action happened sometime in the past but the result is in the present or that action has continued to the present time. | Context/situation:I dropped my key somewhere and now I can’t get into my house. |
Concept questions:     1. Do I have the keys with me? (no)   2. Did I lose the key in the past or the present? (the past)   3.   Do we know exactly when? (no)   4. Can I get into my house now? (no) | Course book & resources:   * Teaching English grammar by Jim Scrivener   * Cutting Edge (students book)   * Grammar file and practice exercise by Nikita Kovalyov   * http://www.english-grammar-revolution.com |
Possible student difficulties with form, function and phonology:   * Students may have difficulty understanding the concept that this is talking about a present event as the past tense is used.     * Students may find confusing with the form I’ve (I have).   * Students might mix past simple and present perfect forms.     * Students might not be clear about the difference in meaning and use of the two tenses.   * Students might think the present perfect means ‘incomplete action’.   * Students might completely fail to grasp the meaning and uses of the present perfect. | Board work:   Substitution table: I’ve | lost | my keys |
They’ve | missed | the train |
I’ve | spent | this month’s salary |
They’ve | gone | to France |
I’ve | cooked | dinner |

Target language:2. You should go to the dentist. | Form:Future tenseSubject+ modal verb should+ verb (bare infinitive) |
Function/meaning:To give an advice/ suggestion in a polite way. | Context/situationI was talking with my friend. I was complaining about my painful tooth ache. My friend was advising me to see the dentist. |
Concept questions:     1. Have I been to see the dentist? no     2. Do I need to go to the...