Developing Language Skills


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- The learning theories implicit in the way the units are presented and developed.
After watching the two sets of suggested materials, – “Bachillerato - Made Easy” and “Botellón” – it is noticeable that the humanistic methodology principles are the basis of the methodology proposed by the authors of such books. The learner does not only have a cognitive aspect but also an affective or emotional one. That is reflected mostly in the type of topics addressed and the type of activities, in which, according to Jesús Arzamendi (Arzamendi, J. et all) the learner, him/herself and with his peers, is in great rate responsible for his learning process.
The two types of materials also show that they have a trend to elicit meaningful communication, which leads us to state that both books are thought as Communicative Language Learning, specially, due to the topics studied, an emotional respond to the language, through peer discussion. The teacher mostly has a facilitator role, due to the fact that activities are mostly discussed and developed among students.
Arzamendi reminds us what Widdowson (1990) states about The Communicative Approach, which tends to “concentrate on getting learners to do things with the language, to express concepts and to carry...