Celta 3


Assessment Criteria for the Language Assignment
Successful candidates can demonstrate their learning by:

• Analysing language correctly for teaching purposes;
• Correctly using terminology relating to form, meaning and phonology when analysing language;
• Accessing reference materials and referencing information they have learned about language to an appropriate source; and
• Using written language that is clear and accurate and appropriate to the task.

Choose an authentic reading or listening text from a magazine, newspaper or other source.   Attach the text (or tapescript if appropriate).   Design tasks and materials for a 60 minute lesson based on the text you have chosen, commenting on the following areas (A-F).   Refer to Scrivener, Chapter 8.

You may decide to teach the lesson as one of the one hour lessons of teaching practice, so choose the level accordingly and consider student needs and motivation in your choice of text.   Show it to your tutor before you start this assignment.

NB   When choosing the text be sure that you are observing copyright law.


1. Name the level you think this material would be suitable for.

Upper Intermediate Level

2. Give the rationale for choosing this text for this group of learners.

The chosen text is a relatively short article (2 pages; 294 words) with a range of vocabulary and language structures which will challenge the language skills and systems learners at the Upper Intermediate level but should not intimidate them.   The particular class is certainly motivated to learn and I believe that they will be able to manage the text confidently.

The article covers a topic from Australian Football.   It has been sourced from the AFL website and modified for the purpose of the lesson.

It is one of a series of 5 articles (and possibly audio tapes) which cover a range of topics covering a range of information and issues from...