Ccc Case Study

Cox's Container Company is a company that is undergoing change management for various reasons. Firstly, the company has expanded over the years and hence requires for more structures to be in place to improve efficiency as so to increase profitability. Secondly, change is needed to deal with the   increasing competition.
Current Status of Change Management  
An urgency for change is created by Harold Cox.   He felt change is needed to improve the company's business and hence appointed Erica as the chief in charge to initiate the change process. (1st step of John Kotter's model- initial motivation for change to take place).   Erica indentified that CCC lacked effective operational and cost controls. She felt that there is a lack of management expertise to lead the company and propel it to greater heights. Hence, she suggested to hire new expertise to lead CCC. The new managers hired developed a new budgeting system and arranged a meeting with all departmental heads to inform them about it. However, the old managers do not seemed very keen and neither seemed to understand how the new system would affect current working practices. There is even one manager that strongly object the change and criticized it.
Though the first step of Kotter's Model was fulfilled, the change was not successful for several reasons. This will be further elaborated in the paragraphs to come .
Identifying the problems that hinder CCC's growth is a good start but Erica did not foresee the challenges for implementing change and did not manage it well. It is not surprising to receive such reactions from the old managers as the new system would seem more like an extra chore that they need to perform on top of   their current workload. .   It is absolutely critical to get employees to buy into the need for change. Erica and the new managers can give all the old employees   the checklists they want but until they make them see how valuable it is for them to change, all they will get...