Caveman Logic

“‘The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves..,’”(Davis, 2009) William Shakespeare may not have had the same intent as I share with Hank Davis about this quote’s message, but in general it is stating that the human condition is to blame for our actions, not supernatural forces. Caveman Logic portrays the inefficiency of our mental apparatus in forming conclusions. This gap, or “blind spot”, is often taken advantage of by people who notice this weakness and profit from allowing us to firmly believe certain illusions. Astrology is a leading example of   caveman logic which is present within my own personal life. The dependence on the cosmos and the alignment of the stars leads to endless misconceptions in our belief systems. Davis’s objective in writing this book seems to relate to an addiction recovery guide.   Steven Pinker’s, How the Mind Works ,is in accordance with Davis and their allowance for the reader to become aware of this innate behavior and understand it’s evolutionary programming subsequent from the Pleistocene era. Certain pattern thinking profited by natural selection and caveman logic is the result of this progression, or regression, in which heredity is the sole provider for characteristics to persist.
Considering the Stone Age, from which our minds were molded, survival was the key to a reproductive success. This does not include a clear and dexterous mind,   but rather perceiving the world in such a way that resulted in the continuation of your life. Unfortunately this occurred during a time where it was expected to comprise the mind of inaccurate beliefs, due to limited resources and knowledge, but why does it persevere into the year 2010?
Strangely, I have always been fascinated with astrology, yet skeptical of my Catholic faith.   After comprehending the theory of caveman logic, I was utterly confused about my own perceptions and apparent susceptibility. I attended an all girls Catholic high school where I was forced to...