A1 Cava

Outcome 1

Understanding the principles and requirements of assessment

1.1 What are the functions of assessment in learning and development?
Why do we carry out assessment?   What does it measure?   What happens as an outcome of assessment?   What would happen if we didn’t assess as part of learning and development? (Guide 300 words)

Understanding the principles and requirements of assessments
The function of assessment in learning and development is primarily to provide a measurable barometer for the students’ progress. Assessment are carried out through formative (checks throughout the course), and/ or summative (at end of course) activities to help the learner see their development whilst allowing the Assessor to give valuable feedback when appropriate.
The purpose of an assessment is to measure the achievement of learners. It is an obvious way of checking that learning has taken place and is a good way of measuring the learner’s knowledge and practical skills and their understanding of the subject against the anticipated outcomes set by the criteria. It is important for the assessor to initially establish whether the learner has any specific learning needs so that they can prepare to support the learner in whichever way they feel necessary
The outcome of an assessment is to see whether the student understands or needs help and support in any areas and we can then record the learning of all   students   and make sure all work is carried out   correctly and stick to the health and safety regulations
If we didn’t assess all student it would be hard to see if they didn’t understand the standards and if we didn’t assess we wouldn’t be able to say that yes the student is more then capable of carrying the task out in had

1.2 What are the key concepts and principles of assessments?
See Outcome 51.2   the key conceptions and principles of assessments

-fair   the assessment method is fair when suitable to the needs of the candidate...