Causes and Effects on Divorce

Effects/Causes On Divorce

In society today have you noticed there are more divorces than in the past? A lot of the time it is because many people make fast decisions on getting married and do not realize the things that go along with getting married. The main causes in the United States today are: No trust, Financial difficulties, addictions, abuse, lack of communication, and women’s roles.
Lack of communication plays a big role because a lot of times it is so easy to do especially when both spouses work and sometimes little things get in the way and that’s when couples argue, and fight.   Back when women usually stayed at home and were not as independent like most women today. The women’s job usually consisted of cooking, cleaning, and doing the majority of the house work and the men made the income. Today, things have taken a dramatic change and nowadays women and men have both very similar role making such as: cooking, cleaning, washing, taking care of the children and money. Women today are a lot more independent and sometimes have better jobs for supporting their own cost of living.
In addition, many men do not like to accept that men and women are “equally” the same. Another issue is having no trust in a relationship and most of the time it is because of someone being insecure or the fear of the other spouse cheating. When someone cheats a lot of the time it is very hard to get over and sometimes impossible in that matter. A lot of women found that after having their first child is when they have been cheated on and they feel as if their husbands do not find them attractive anymore. Many arguments can be avoided by better communication.
Another big issue is addictions many married couples unfortunately let drugs, and alcohol destroy the relationship because they cannot stop the addiction or addictions. This problem leads to many other problems in a relationship such as abuse. Abuse can range from many different types like: physical, sexual, and...