Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect of Divorce

                                              Cause and Effect of Divorce
      A child can have a very hard time losing a parent to divorce.   A child’s life can start to become very traumatic and can develop behavioral problems.   Many children have a difficult time with life changing events which can effect their day to day activities. Divorce is overwhelming for a number of children which can affect the rest of their life.      
      To lose a parent can also affect the way a child learns and can cause severe learning disabilities.   Children sometimes feel as if they do not have the time or support from their parents which can make it very difficult for them to cope their own emotions as well as day to day activities.
      Children are most likely to have the most difficult time with dealing in more than one divorce. Parents that adjust to their losses in a less emotional way, children tend to usually adjust easier in that type of situation and can have less problems while growing up. Children that grow up in a single parent house tend to feel the stress of their parents when there is a lack of financial resources as well as time. This can cause a child or children to be resentful of others and also cause lower confidence.
      An additional problem that affects children who have gone through divorce, is the child usually will have a more stressful way of living.   Children may also have to change schools when a parent is forced to move to a different location resulting from the divorce. Also, if the child is not old enough to take care of themselves, and the now single parent is forced to work full time, the child would possibly have to start attending a child care program.   It is possible that the child would have to alternate between parents in different locations which is also very hard on a child. The adjustments to different settings and schedules and trying to remembers which days are with what parent can be...