Cause and Effect

Kayla Byrd
English Comp. I
Mrs. Blakeney
20 Sept. 2010
Causes of Automobile Accidents
Auto accidents occur daily and can drastically change an individual’s life instantly.   They happen without warning and can take a person’s life in the second of impact.   Everyday, unexpectedly, innocent victims are killed in auto accidents.   No matter how carefully a person drives, he or she will eventually have an accident.   Many people die or have life changing injuries due to vehicle accidents.   According to car accident statistics, every twelve minutes in the U.S. a person will die in a vehicle crash.   Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of deaths for Americans thirty-five years of age and younger.   The main causes of wrecks include drinking and driving, distractions, and recklessness.
One cause of an auto accident is drinking and driving.   A person who drinks loses his or her judgment to make quick decisions. He or she can also have impaired vision. Anyone who decides to get into an automobile after drinking puts everyone in danger.   Most people do not realize the risk in drinking and driving until they have been involved in a crash.   A person who kills someone because they were drinking often lives with guilt the rest of his or her life.   If a person must drink, he or she needs to get a designated driver.   People who choose to drink and drive only think about themselves and not others.
Distractions cause many car accidents.   They range from cell phones to eating in the vehicle.   Cell phones interfere with a person’s focus.   A person who uses a cell phone is four times more likely to cause an accident.   Using a hands free device does not necessarily make the use of a cell phone any safer. Other distractions include changing the radio station while going down the road and eating while driving.   A teenager lost her life reaching for a CD on the floorboard of her vehicle.   The simplest of actions can cause a life changing experience, especially when behind the wheel...