Cause an Effect

OCT 25, 2010

failing ESL classes

In today’s society there are many things that people have to do even though they don’t
really want to. One of these things is that people go to school in order to get education. Many
students go to school just because they want to please their parents, or some just don’t care about
school. As result, a large percent of students fail this class. However, there are three cause s why
students fail ESL 41.
For one thing, poor study habits is one of the reasons of failing this class. Students do not
come prepared for class, it makes it harder for them pass. Not taking good notes can affect them
because they didn’t want to write what the assignment was as a consequence they would fail the
class. A number of students have trouble paying attention in class. One example is a student
sleeping in class. When students fail to get a good night sleep, they tend not to do as well in
class, and end up failing it. Also, many students have trouble listening to the teacher. They
either can’t comprehend, or they just don’t want to hear them. However, not listening, not taking
notes, or sleeping in class led to student to fail ESL 41.
Another reason of failing ESL 41 is not making wise decisions. Some students stay up
late because of their job, or they simple they leave their homework for the last minute. For
instance, my friend works in two different jobs and she is taking two classes ESL 41 and ESL 33
as result she has to stay up late doing her homework, or studying for a test. Many students don’t
care about their homework and they would rather hang out with their friends. Friends may get
students to do things that don’t correspond with school. Students would go to the party rather
than hit the books to study for the test, or do their assignments. However, a small percentage of
students who choose to study for the test, they will have an advantage in succeeding.

Finally, because students are involved...