Case Study

ABC, Inc. hires, recruits and trains it’s new employees.   Carl Robins was the new campus recruiter; he had only been in the company 6 months He was responsible for recruiting qualified candidates and setting up the orientation classes for the new recruiter’s.   The company failed to train its own recruiter correcting because Carl Robins was fairly new to the position and did not follow have the enough experience to handle a big job like these.
Carl Robins failed to organize, follow up and reserve the room for training and orientation for the new recruits.   He had to hire 15 new employees to work for Monica Carroll’s in July.   Not only after Monica called him to check on the schedule for the new employee did he realize that the applications were incomplete, and also that the trainees have not been sent to the clinic for the mandatory drug screen.   Not realizing that he promise Monica he would have had everything done by the time the new hire start working in July.
Some of the key problems are that Carl Robins was not fully trained or had enough experience to take the task.   Chris mentioned “it is not uncommon for employees to lack on how to do their work if they are train correctly”.   One problem was that the new employee’s applications were incomplete, and the orientation files were missing some of the copies to it.   Second the room was not reserved for the orientation, to come to realize that the room was already reserved for the entire month.   Finally the new employee’s did not undergo the drug screening.
One alternative solution can be that Carl finds someone with enough experience to help him fix the problem, or recommend or hired him or her for Monica so they could find a solution to the problems.   According to Chris Joseph, “It is possible that the new employee will not have adequate information to perform their duties”.   Carl needs to notify Monica of the situation, so both can figure out a solution together.   He has to find a complete copy of the...