Case Study

I am a trainee counsellor and I have worked in a case study as part of my training.
My case study is about counselling a fellow student over a period of about 8 weeks; for a total of six sessions, the sessions have taken place in a spare classroom.
I used the room in the best possible way I could by moving aside the extra chairs, and positioning the remaining ones in the SOLER position which allowed me to show participation with my client, this is done by positioning the chairs at an angle of 90 degrees.
Furthermore I made sure all mobile were on silent. In the room with us there were two observers and I position their chairs in a way that would not create a distraction for my client as this could make her feel uncomfortable and hinder the therapeutic relationship.
Creating a warm and safe physical environment is an essential stepping-stone to building a strong therapeutic alliance with the client. I made sure that the door was looked to prevent other people from walking in to the room as this would create a breach of confidentiality and as result would affect the communication between me and the client.
Trust is something that has to be earned by the counsellor, developing the skills of active listening, sensitive responding, reflecting feelings can help to minimize disruption to communication, is important to show empathy geniuses and demonstrate   that you are fully present for the client.
My client is a single mother and she takes full responsibility for her two boys. She is coming from Muslim background and strong religious believes. After the birth of her second child, she experienced some problems with her husband, shortly after the marriage broke down. This has caused a loss of social connections with family and friends. This loss has also created some personal conflict, currently she is studying part time to become a counsellor and when she is not studying her time is taken by her role as a mother.

In reference to a book I have read, Elisabeth...