Case Study

1. Please review the courses you are going to be required to take and the course descriptions in the back of the catalog.   List the course you are most excited to take along with why.
The course that I am most excited about taking is Website development for business.   The                                 reason that this course interests me so much is because I have am very interested in the computer side     of the business world.
  2. What career opportunities are available if you have a degree in Business Management?
There are many careers available with a Business Management degree some of them are sales worker supervisor, marketing manager, human resource manager, and operations manager.
  3. What career opportunities are available if you have an Associate’s degree in Accounting?  
Career opportunities that are available with an Associates degree in accounting are accounting clerk, auditing clerk, bookkeeper, bank teller, and account management trainee.
  4. Per the Rasmussen College Attendance Policy, what constitutes attendance in an online course and what is the attendance expectation in your online courses? (HINT – check the addendum to the catalog)
Attendance expectations for online classes is mainly participating in online discussions, message boards, and completing assignments when they are due.
  5. Our programs are designed and scheduled with the intention of students having constant, year-round enrollment throughout their programs until graduation.  As a student, this means that once you start your program there will be a two-week break at the end of each quarter and taking a “quarter off” is not recommended in order to keep you on track for graduation. 

How will you adjust your schedule between now and your graduation day to accommodate this expectation?
For the most part I shouldn’t have to change my schedule to much while pursuing my degree.         The only thing I see that will have to be addressed is during the summer having...