Case Study

Certificate in Education Year 2


Case Study: Student Support

(*For the sake of confidentiality, we shall address the student in this study with a false name, ‘Michelle’)

Identify a situation in your experience or of your acquaintance in which a learner has required support for a complex coaching or tutorial problem. The situation should be one that required you to seek and refer to further information, guidance and support.

The Performing Arts Academy at ****** ************* college receives students from many different backgrounds, all with varying abilities and skills. It is our job, as lecturers to ensure that the safety and welfare of our students is constantly ensured and any abnormal or disruptive behaviour seen within or outside of the classroom is disciplined in the correct and appropriate manner. In addition to this, it is also of paramount importance that any health issue or disability a student has is noted within   their individual learning profile to help the lecturer support the student’s needs where deemed appropriate or necessary. It is this student support system which will be the central theme for this case study.   In this paper I will be discussing and commenting on a situation in which a student has required extra support due to a problem within their studies. In this particular case study I also sought extra guidance and support in the form of internal agencies where it proved necessary due to the nature of the problems addressed.                                                      

Michelle is a second year student on the Btec National Diploma in Performing Arts, studying at ****** ********* College. She is 22 years old and enrolled onto the course last year after deciding that she wanted to pursue a career within the performing arts industry. Michelle has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD. During classes and rehearsals she can be very disruptive and extremely...