Case Study Unit 8

Taking Responsibility: High-Flying Labor Relations at Southwest Airlines
Melissa Langhoff
Kaplan University
AB203: Human Resources Management – MT203
Andrew Toussaint
January 29, 2014

Every company must try to provide a stable environment for their employees that is safe but also will help their company to reach their goals. Southwest airlines deteremined that the best way to provide the best customer service is the have employees that are truly happy with their job (Gerhart, Hollenbeck, Noe, & Wright, 2009). The management determined that if the flight attendants enjoyed their job as had fun while completing it that the customers would benefit because they would have fun as well. This policy has helped them to ensure that they have the best employees but also that they are ranked as one of the best airlines.
Management, employees, unions and society goals
Southwest had a interesting predicament when the acquired the airtran air line company. The manangment had to determine which union would represent the employees from both companies (Gerhart et al., 2009). Southwest airline pilots’ association or SWAPA represent the 6000 pilots that are employees of Southwest airline (SWAPA, 2014). This union fights for fair rights and compensation for these pilots. There are unions is place for the flight attendants as well, the transport workers union represents those that work at southwest airline (Gerhart et al., 2009). Both of these unions represent the employees of southwest and are looking for what the employee wants and what their best options are. Southwest airlines main goal is to have employees that enjoy their work but they also looking for what they can afford and which employees will provide the beset customer service. Companies and unions do not always agree because they are both looking for different things with different goals. The unions are looking to get the best pay and the best deal for the employees where as the company is...