Case Study Ptlls



If I would have to teach a group of where I know fifty percent of the group personally myself                   ( organisation ) , then I feel the challenge is not to focus more on those who I know , but on the whole group .
The challenge is further to get both parties working together and not isolating themselves , even they are initially keen to work together . For the representatives from the college especially it means I would have to integrate them even more into the lesson procedure , so they do not feel they are single individuals in a new learning environment . Creating the 3 lessons by asking the learners to work together in groups arranged randomly would solve this problem .


Obviously the representatives are working during the week and they may have
experienced different kinds of stress during the day , that will make it more difficult to concentrate on the subject later in the evening . Further the location of where the lesson is to be held could be an advantage or disadvantage concerning the journey to the sessions for the participants . That means the representatives from the community organisation will clearly travel once more than those of working at the college . That this doesn’t affect the lessons and produces an issue , the learning environment should be as positive as possible .


I think asking a simple question would be a good idea   : Please tell me your names and about something nice that has happened to you or in your community in the last few days ! The objective of the course is that the local community will benefit from the outcomes . This question would lead to the actual subject and give everybody an insight of the positive things that have happened to each participant . Important is that it is positive , because the aim is to establish a good learning environment . The other advantage is that the learners will get to know each other by name and a little...