Case Study O.J. Simpson

Case Study of O.J. Simpson
Russell Mock
Adam Yerke

Case Study of O.J. Simpson

      This paper is a case study of an individual with an alleged abnormal personality disorder. An overview of this particular case will be stated. In addition, an explanation of the biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components of the disorder will be a main focal point. Moreover, questions will be brought forth to ponder.
      This discussion is about a case study of O.J. Simpson, the famous football hero and even more famous subject of the most infamous murder trial in contemporary American history. Orenthal James Simpson was the subject of a California trial regarding a brutal murder of his wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Both victims were horribly murdered, the ferocity of these murders was apparent with the fact that Nicole Brown Simpson and Mr. Goldman’s heads were almost completely severed from their bodies. Truly, whoever commited this crime was a sociopath with no cognition of the normality’s that our society consider right or wrong. Yes, the question remains if Mr. Simpson committed this horrible, psychopathic act, this paper will delve into the scenario that he did, although he was figured innocent   (Meyer, Chapman,   & Weaver, 2009)
      The disorder in question is sociopathic, so what is a sociopath? Also known as Antisocial Personality Disorder, the definition is: Psychopaths have a personality disorder characterized by an abnormal lack of empathy combined with abnormally immoral conduct despite an ability to appear normal. In lameness terms, psychopaths have an ability to live among social structures yet posses little or no emotion or empathy towards others married with extremely violent tendencies   (U.S. National Library of Medicine, Marc)
      Biologically speaking, Simpson could have inherited abnormal behaviors from birth. Simpson’s father was noted as having issues with sexuality and the inability...