Case Study Celta Assigment 4

CELTA 2014 |
Case Study |
Paper # 4 |
Carole Meloni |
9/22/2014 |

Student Profile
Galina Boyarkina is an elderly lady who shared many things about herself in her handwriting sample and in our oral interview. Originally from Volgograd Russia (formerly Stalingrad), she is now a permanent resident of Canada, living in Vancouver, British Columbia for just over 5 years. Prior to this she lived and worked as an engineer and as a teacher in a small community in Russia. She designed roads and bridges for rural locations and later taught German. She began her journey of studying the English language when her daughter moved to Canada. Depressed, widowed and lonely in Russia she decided that learning English was a great way to cheer herself up. She began learning English skills while in Russia then after immigrating to Vancouver, she began studying in English as a Second Language (ESL) in Richmond BC for approximately a year and a half, 5 days a week. She found it difficult to learn in this environment, due to the pressures of re-entering a class room after so many years away, combined with the rapid pace, was too much for her health condition (she has high blood pressure.) She found that she preferred the environment at the Global Village, because of the higher level of training from the teachers. From what I have observed of her during her attendance in our Certificate in English Language Training to Adults (CELTA), she reads and understands English much better than she speaks it. She is an eager participant in our classroom, always trying and not afraid to make mistakes. She is a very visual learner. Because of her age (she wouldn’t tell me) many of her pronunciations are already fossilized, she stutters and stammers to search for the right words when speaking.

Student Language
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Pronunciation:Galina has difficulty linguistically with English consonant clusters such as “th”. She says ‘wit’ instead of ‘with’...