Nowadays we are becoming more and more dependent on cars.   The majority of those
asked people will now say that they can’t live without car any more. At this time more citizens start driving a car as they get 18 years old, so it’s easy to imagine how many cars are now on the roads of city. People use cars for many reasons such as saving time, riding in more comfortable conditions, but they are forgetting about things like air pollution, traffic jams or simply cost of ride.
Cars are very efficient because they can save you a lot of time. Imagine that if you have to go somewhere in place which is located on the other side of city, and you have a choice, to go by bus or to go by car. What will you choose? Of course you will go by car because it will save you a couple hours. Nowadays time is valued very high. Our whole live is narrowly connected with time, and many people have big problems with time management, so saving few hours on the road will be very useful. But except saving time cars have many other advantages.
Cars are so widespread, because they are very comfortable. Again you can imagine what to choose, overcrowded, hot bus or air-conditioned car? Of course car is much more comfortable that any public transport, except maybe high-speed train or sea transport. But in city conditions car is definitely winning this competition. It has air-condition, comfortable seats, sound system and more space than in public transport. Also if you are travelling with children or old persons, car conditions will be better for them. But as in every situation there are pros and cons, and cars are not exception, they have a lot of disadvantages.
Petrol-powered cars are polluting even without that much polluted city. Last few years people started to use more petrol, because of increasing amount of cars in the city. Everybody knows that nowadays city is already polluted very much because of many factories and plants. Car usage is only supplement to air-pollution, and that’s...