Car or Cow

From my point of view, living in the city is not as terrifying as mentioned in the article “City Living”. Over the past century, countries all around the world have developed countless numbers of cities for its citizens to work and live in. As a result, urban living has become a norm for almost all citizens of first-world countries. Since we have chosen the path of modernization, why should we look backwards and head for the hills?
I do agree that living among massive sky-scrapers and eating fast food does have some negative impact on us. As city dwellers live very close to each other, and face a lot of stress, they tend to have conflicts between themselves more often. However, most of the time, they will express their unhappiness in a peaceful demonstration as they are all educated beings.
In addition to being cramped up in a small bird-cage-like city apartment, leading an urban life exhausts a lot of our Earth’s natural resources. This is mainly due to the fact that city dwellers tend to consume more electrical energy, when they enjoy the fruits of technological advancement. This in turn results in the burning of more coal at power stations, which means that more greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. Studies have shown that the Earth’s average temperature has risen over the past 50 years and countries are experiencing natural disasters such as hurricanes more often. These are the effects of environmental pollution, which residents in the cities are guilty of.
Also, compared to the slow and steady life in the country side, people who live in the cities often have to get into traffic jams to get to work. Life is also uncertain in the city, as people live in a competitive environment. Whatever it may be, driving a car is always better than driving a bull around the fields.
Contrary to the above points, city living is not as unpleasant as it sounds. The air in the city is still acceptable to the fact that we do not have wear a mask in order to...