4. Introduction
4.1 Cookridge Carpets Limited was established in 2007 by two brothers, Peter and John.   Initially the company only sold carpets but expanded into beds and soft furnishings.   In February 2010 they became the main dealership in Southampton for Memo Beds Ltd.
4.2 The company currently employ 20 members of staff, 13 of which are in sales related roles, 3 (part time) in accounts and 2 in delivery and 2 general.   An organisation chart is provided in appendix 1.
4.3 The company has recently employed a full time member of the accounts team in the role of senior accounts clerk.   Payroll has become an internal function, managed by the payroll clerk, having recently moved from the accountants who had managed and run the payroll externally.
4.4 The company policy is to supply computers to office based personal only (accounts) and all operated on a standalone basis, linked to a shared printer.   The payroll is prepared, using Sage payroll software, on a separate computer purchased within the last six months.

4.5 External stakeholders of Cookridge Carpets Limited
4.5.1 Customers and suppliers – Cookridge are the main dealership in Southampton for MemoBeds. Large customers such as these will be highly interested in the prices they pay; they will look for the company with the best value for their money. Some suppliers may offer a bulk discount or a trade discount; they will be very interested in offers like this as they buy in large quantities. However, Cookridge’s mission statement also states that they sell a range of quantities.
4.5.2 The bank – Peter has raised a personal loan of £100,000. The bank will have ensured that Peter had a good credit rating when giving him the loan. However, they are using his house as collateral, which is very risky. It would be better to use the business premises for this, as is they were to get into any trouble, it would affect the business, but not Peters personal assets.

4.6 Legislation and regulations affecting...