Cookridge Carpets

A review of the payroll system
Analysis of the Accounting Systems at Cookridge Carpets Southampton

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1. Terms of reference 2
2. Methodology 3
3. Executive Summary 3
4. Introduction 4
5. Review of the accounting   system             7
6. Recommendations             10
7. Cost Benefit Analysis             11

Appendix 1 14
Appendix 2 15
Appendix 3 16
Appendix 4 17
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1. Terms of Reference

1.1 This report has been prepared to cover the requirements of the internal control and accounting systems unit of the AAT 4.

1.2 The objective of this report is to analysis the accounting function of Cookridge Carpets and to identify any weakness, and then to make recommendations for improvement.

2 Methodology

2.1 The day to day transactions were monitored in the accounts department and it was observed for a period of six months.

2.2 The Six month diary of event was reviewed.

2.3 The current policies and procedures were analysed in detail to make recommendations for appropriate changes.

2.4 Researched various sites on the internet, along with help from my current employer please see appendices, bibliography.



3 Executive Summary

3.1 After a review of the accounts department in particular the payroll system, a number of weaknesses were highlighted that need to be addressed. A detailed explanation of each individual problem is shown in the report.

3.2 Main areas...