Cookrige Carpets


Review of the Work Activities and Effectiveness of the Accounting System at Cookridge Carpets

  1. Terms of reference                                                 Page 3
  2. Methodology                                                           Page 3
  3. Executive Summary                                                 Page 4,5
  4. Introduction                                                             Page 5,6
  5. Analysis of the current system                             Page 7,8,9
  6. Recommendations for improvement                 Page 10,11,12,13
to the accounting system
  7. Appendices
  1. Organisation chart for Cookridge Carpets Ltd
  2. Organisation chart for accounts department
  3. SWOT Analysis
  4. Exposure to fraud at Cookridge Carpets Ltd
  5. SAGE 50 Accounts Professional 2012 Cost Analysis

  1. Terms of References
      * This report describes the responsibility of the accountancy system, and makes recommendations for changes to the existing practice of the accounts department.
      * Investigation into the weaknesses and recommendations for improving existing system and general work environment at the Cookridge Carpets.

  2. Methodology
The following was undertaken before preparing this report on 28/01/2012
  * Familiarisation with the organisation and structure.
  * Familiarisation with the accounting system and practices.
Internet websites were studied to look at the prevention of Fraud within the business environment.
Visited websites: fraud.html

  3. Executive Summary
The aim of the report is to identify the areas in the existing accounting system where...