Carpetflick Case Study

CarpetFlick Case Study
MRKT450 Salesmanship
Potomac College
July 13, 2014

This paper will discuss the relationship between Proctor & Gamble and design company IDEO in the development of the product CarpetFlick. I will state my opinions IDEO’s contribution to the design and how they overcame obstacles to create the final product. I will discuss what P&G gained from the new product line and other ways they could have approached the new market. Lastly I will expand on the ways that new product development could further satisfy P&G’s desire to continue expanding into new markets.  

CarpetFlick Case Study
It is a priority of a company to continue to grow business on new levels. Entering new markets that are similar to an already existing one is a good way for a company to leverage their brand while attracting new customers. The small business environment today is very dynamic and competitive. For small enterprises to withstand competition from multinationals, they have to continuously update their products to conform to current trends (Adams, 2014).   New product development is crucial to operational strategies to be able to enter the new market and make an initial impact right away. The product not only has to meet customer’s needs, it also needs to be marketable and easily available to the target market.
Many new product ideas or adaptations of existing ones develop from observations of the end user. Companies utilize market research to gain insight for what customers like or dislike about products and how they would like to see them improved. Many firms now get end-user input for new product ideas by involving end users effectively, from the earliest phases of the new products process, on their new product teams. This brings their needs and problems directly onto the table. In fact, some research suggests that it is especially important to turn to end users with a wide diversity of perspectives and experience in order to identify...