Career Profile Paper

Career profile paper

Investment banking as a career, fixed-income analyst job profile.

Two years ago I knew nothing about investment banking. In my second year of undergraduate study I had selected a financial course. After one semester learning, I found finance is very attracting me, so I continued to learn more in depth in this major, especially in fixed-income field. And also, my cousin got a job in a famous investment bank and she talked a lot about her daily life in investment bank that made me decided to enter this field after my graduation. A career as an investment banker has its pros and cons just as any career does, the pros of this position is exciting work and a competitive and demanding atmosphere, and also in this position you will have many opportunities to work with different people or even clients from foreign companies. The cons of this position maybe are the fierce competition working environment and excessive job assignments sometimes. But if you're looking for a high-demanding, high-risk career that at times is very rewarding financially, investment banking could be the career.  This job requires candidate’s ability to understand business requirements across Fixed Income. Analyst also acts as assistant portfolio manager for assigned portfolios, including assisting with development of portfolio strategies, monitoring of portfolio metrics, etc. on the other hand, this positions also requires a good coordinate communication and workflow for activity within assigned portfolios with division customers, trading, operations, legal, accounting, asset classes and corporate finance. Additionally, candidates should have strong technical skills with analytic orientation, and ability to learn multiple investment systems as well as general business software. And last, strong team player with matrix management skill and interpersonal and influence skills.

The working condition of analyst is usually in an office, close to top managers and departments...