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University of California, Riverside

come to college for many reasons, but for the majority of them a central purpose of college is gaining the knowledge and skills they will need for future employment. Your success in your work life will often depend on whether the profession or career you think you want to pursue is really right for you. But success in the workplace also depends on your ability to do simple things well, such as being on time, being honest, and doing your best. Let’s look at the work experiences of two college students, Sara and John. Sara entered college with thoughts of majoring in the sciences because she enjoyed working in the laboratory at her hometown hospital. Her concern for helping others led her to choose nursing as a major; it was a good career path that combined her two primary interests. Sara sailed through the first two years, excelling in her science classes. During her junior year she began her nursing courses and spent more time observing the practice of nursing in her university’s teaching hospital. After a summer working in various departments of her hometown hospital, Sara made an appointment with a career counselor. She confessed that she did not like being around sick people every day and wanted to change her major but had no idea what she wanted to do. Sara was wise to change her major before she began what would have been a frustrating career as a nurse. John explored several majors during his first two years in college by choosing his elective courses with careers in mind and talking to his friends. He

settled on business as a major, focusing on finance. John had high aspirations of working for a Fortune 500 company and earning a six-figure salary within five years of graduation. He performed above average in his academic work,...