Captain America a Real Life Sodier.

Devon Glenn
Body Paragraphs
Holly Mc Cusker

University of Phoenix Axia

Throughout America’s wars Captain America has always been there to sacrifice himself for America. Like
the soldiers before captain America he is willing and able. Captain America takes on twenty guys to save
the day, outnumbered and outgunned, he takes out the bad guy.   Our soldiers are better trained and
more dedicated. Conflicts like the storm of the beaches of Europe were big battles that changed the
war. Captain America also had battles that changed the War. America had a nuclear weapon. And also
the Nazi’s had a weapon in the Cosmic Cube that could annihilate entire cities (Marvel universe wiki.
Cosmic Cube). The technology was unknown to many, just like our Atomic Bomb was during World War
II. Captain America is similar to a Sniper or Commando when he battles. Just like our Navy seals took out
Bin Laden, it took another special force to take out the red skull in Captain America.   The issues and
situations that captain America faces are possible scenarios that could possible face the United States
such as nuclear bombs from Iran. The Conflicts of Villains and Heroes in comics are similar to the
Conflicts that have faced the United States as represented through Captain America and battles, against
drugs, and violence during Wartimes.

  Captain America’s victories are similar to the sacrifices made in real victories against Adolf
Hitler during World War Two.   The death of Adolf Hitler in the comic book is the same as in real
life. Hitler commits suicide after the end of World War II. America won the war in the comic and in real
life. Hitler started the war trying to achieve the glory days once had by the Germany. The Nazi Germany
was responsible for the holocaust in the Comics and in real life, and captain America was there to fight
against Adolf Hitler, using his shield to deflect the shots from the doomsday weapons that were...