Spring Break Issues in America


Media Reaction Paper
Spring Break Issues Women face
In America

Ho, Claudine. (2011, February 10). The Sketchiest Spring Break in America. Seventeen, Vol. 70.
No. 3, 172-175.
This article outlined several issues that young adults face while attending spring break vacation parties. One location in particular, Panama Beach City, Florida, houses the craziest spring break vacation in America. Some of the issues that many young women have encountered are issues, with aggressive men, poor atmosphere, and the lack of respect for women. This paper will focus on my views on spring break, the credibility of this article, and the type of audience this article targets.
Prior to reading this article, I have had no previous experience going to a spring break vacation party. I have heard many positive and negative stories about these outrageous vacations; however, none of the stories have convinced me to attend. This article confirmed my view towards spring break issues. Majority of the positive stories that I have heard come from men, and the negative stories come from females. Many of my male friends tell me about how much fun it is and all the girls you can get attending this type of event. On the other hand, I have heard many stories about men disrespecting women, and treating them like they are toys. This article confirmed to me that spring break is more for men to have fun and use women for their own pleasure because it focused only on the issues women face.
I believe this article contained a significant amount of credibility. Due to the fact that this article was included in a girl’s magazine, the real-life horror stories were all from women. These true stories that were told by women proved the credibility of the information presented in the article. For instance, rather than listing the types of issues spring break has for women, the article allowed women to tell their...