Capstone Project Proposal

 Project TOPIC:
    The capstone project is about an integrated system for garment manufacturers. These garment manufacturers mainly produces unisex clothing for young adults which are then bought by retailers like bench, penshoppe and the likes. The system shall consist of online integrated systems which includes an item inventory, payroll, work in process, productivity, and sales system with a mobile application function and sent email functions.

The project shall consists of an inventory system to keep track of the company’s raw
resources, a payroll system that computes the salary of the workers based on the fished product that has been done, a Time Table that will show the accurate number of finished and unfinished products, a sales order for the marketed finish products, an accounting system to keep a record of all transactions created after the finished product has been sold, a logs storage to keep track of all changes and transactions made in the system. The user would also be able to produce soft-copy of the reports saved as pdf. The owner can receive emails and text message for payment notification and production activities and an alert function to notify due dates, low quantity of supplies and others would also be used.

The process would consists of buyers ordering online and making purchase orders which our system would check if the said items are available or not and verify with the client to finalize the purchase order. The system would now process the purchase order and forward it to the factory to finish the job order. After completing, the system would notify the client (factory owner) the delivery status and forward that to the clients. And the payment would also be accounted for after the delivery of the items.

Project TITLE:    

Integrated system for garment manufacturers

Proposal OUTLINE
Chapter 1.
  I. Introduction
      * About the Company
      * Current System Used

Chapter 2.
  I. Mobile application and online...