Computer Science Project Proposal

Computer Science Project Proposal

1. Principal Investigator

Brendan Marlborough. Currently doing joint Computer Science and Information Systems Honours at Rhodes University.
Address: 6 Leicester Street Grahamstown 6139.

2. Title of Project

SIP / H.323 / AIX telephone customization

3. Mentoring

Professor Peter Clayton, Research Director for Computer Science, Rhodes University

Professor Alfredo Terzoli, Centre of Excellence Co-ordinator, Computer Science, Rhodes University

4. Objective of Research

The main aim of this project is to enhance the features of the current IP telephone used in the department. This will involve fixing certain features of the phone which are not suitable for our purposes such as improving the display. Encryption may also be added to the phone in conjunction with a master’s student. Another feature the phone lacks is the ability to connect over a PPPoE network and this may also be rectified. The following needs to be researched in order to accomplish these objectives: What changes will have to be made to the interface (keypad and display) in order to make the phone more user friendly, should encryption be added what changes if any will have to be made to the existing network and will the phone be able to support encryption.

5. Background/History of the Study

The Computer Science department at Rhodes University currently uses a telephone service known as iLanga. iLanga uses Asterisk, an open source component, which is used to connect different voice networks, including networks based on SIP and H.232 (both VoIP protocols) and also the PSTN (public switched telephone network). The telephone being upgraded is one type of end device used in iLanga. The phone is manufactured and programmed in China and comes with an API which can be used to re-program it. These telephones will soon be offered to a limited number of students in residences at...