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1. Introduction

1.1 Background of the study

Before the existence of many highly developed computer system it’s started from manual method. And the age old say’s that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Because of the need of business industry, different technologies and computer system has been grown. Nowadays with the use of internet, many ordinary task and businesses that people conducted were made feasible like buying products through online. The study will emphasize the effects of using manual reservation and how the computerized reservations be used these days. The Events and Rooms Reservation system is a transaction processing system that solves the problem encountered during the manual reservation management. It aims to simplify the manual reservation management fastest and accurate. And it helps most in terms, and also the computerized reservation system is easy to use and the transaction will do quickly unlike the manual.  It created for the convenience of the client and the staff of the custodian department through this study the demand of the client has been fulfilled.We decided to use a computer program for our study because it enables us to ease our entire works and helps us to lessen the time needs to consume in every task we need to do.BlazingwoodApartelle was founded by Mrs.EmeliaSyskowski on Decdember 21, 2004at Susano Road, San Agustin, Quezon City,Philippines.
  It has a lot area of 886.56 sq.m, composed of a two storey building with a total of 30 rooms, economy, family and first class and has a net worth of P1, 653,750.00

1.2 Current State of the Technology

Events and Rooms Reservation of BlazingWood, the main aim of this project is gives the customer view of the Apartelle. The customer needs in Apartelle are enquiry about rooms, reservation process, vacating process, canceling the reservation, and the restaurant for food items. This reservation is for may today or future, for this the reservation form can work more...