Letter to Join Roup

Miss Alisson Beaumont,
I received the mail concerning the IBM universities challenge; after searching and reading about this competition I would like to take part of the project through my team.
The IBM universities challenge is one of the most famous business competitions in U.K. This competition will be for me the best opportunity to use my knowledge and represent proudly the colours of Anglia Ruskin University.
Actually in 3rd year in International management, my goal about this competition is to apply three years of intense study and bring my experiences of two different countries.   After my study in mathematical speciality in France and one year at the University of Paris V in Management of organisation, I have decided to come here to give another dimension to my knowledge. My current study focus on the analyse of the management combine to my dissertation based on a multinational company will contribute significantly to the competition.                                                                                                                            
My previous experiences in work environment will be very useful to understand the group relationship and to bring a concrete way of thinking. Since Eighteen, I have been working in many companies in Paris as SNCF (national train company) or at Mornay (big national insurance company). My positions inside those two companies were different and made me understand the organisation of a company.
The mix of theory, seen at university and practice, with my experiences will make me integrate the ten you are looking for.
Thank you for your consideration, and hope
Yours sincerely,