The Method That Green Uses to Persuade His Fellow African Americans to Join Union Forces Essay

                                        Essay2           (Communism and Witchcraft)      
            Tracing the repetition "weight" in The Crucible reveals how the word supports one of the play's crucial themes: how an individual's struggle for truth often conflicts with society. McCarthy, the Communist-Hunting demagogue of the 1950's Mr. Parris was same people with McCarthy. I disagree with playwright Arthur Miller's argument because the McCarthy era said United States Americans, have no ritual for forgiveness and that makes us all hypocrites .Also, everybody thought John Procter is a sinner.
              First of all, Mr. Parris doesn't have reason to accused people. Also he knows everything but he didn't tell the court. For example: Mr. Parris saw the children were dancing at the forest. My opinion is Mr. Parris was care about his own child and Abigail. But he is selfish and he just thinking about his own family, no others and no reason like McCarthy.
            Secondly, the crucible is showing us communism because communism is a system of government like democracy but there is no single person of small group of people who rule the others. Also, play is same too. My opinion is they made laws against the people who were accused of witchcraft and the accusations were based on person word. They always believed in children and group of people.
            After that, John Proctor is not a sinner. For example, when I was reading the crucible of his opinion was "Proctor comes to understand not the weightiness of his name for the village, but the weightiness of it for himself"!   On page 143, he said "How many I live without my name? I have given you my soul, leave me my name". This all conversation proved that his name is the only truth
            Finally, this course is credible because the historical accuracy of Giles Corey's last words has been the subject of some debate but he is not, he proved how to save the names.
          Conclusion the communism...