C31 Developing Yourself in a Management Role

C31 Developing yourself in a management role

Question 1

To enable me to assess my management style in respect of managing my own self management and managing my team under different circumstances can be a daunting prospect even under normal conditions. The reasoning behind this is that there are a variety of styles each with their own unique characteristics applicable either to a certain person or situation.

Historically, there have been various attempts to try and prepare a list of styles which are common to all, however I don’t think this would be very effective as to try and assess myself could indeed send mixed messages to either my team or myself and not truly reflect the feelings and thoughts of the team as a whole which I manage.

One method of trying to address this problem and ascertain the necessary information and feedback was to devise a survey asking pertinent questions relevant to myself but at the same time reflecting the thoughts of the team in general. An advantage of this method is not any one person of the team needed to be named during the exercise thus giving a clearer and unbiased indication of my own particular style as others would portray me.

I conducted the following survey during a recent team meeting consisting of 8 team players making it clear that I would like the team to be frank and honest in their opinions in order for me assess my leadership styles. A full copy of the feedback form is exhibited in the Appendix 1.

I asked the individuals to indicate their views by circling the rating as appropriate i.e.

  1.   Does not reflect this candidate – 6   Always/frequency reflects this candidate


A summary of the questions and results are shown in Table 1 below:

|Question                                                                                                       |Summary of Results           |
|Actively listens by paying attention and checking understanding of others...