Human Reseource Management Roles

Human Resource Management Roles
Volina L. Caldwell
University of Phoenix
Rita Fields

The roles of the human resource management are very many. The human resource in a healthcare setting for responsible for developing job description out lining all of the skills that are required in the medical profession. The human resource department must look over all resumes along with the nursing department and the administrator to oversee all of the qualified applicants. The human resources mangers qualifications are to conduct drug testing and setup criminal background checks with the state police. The human resource department must do references background checks on all new applicants that applied for employment.   The human resource department along with the staffing coordinator must keep accurate documentation for all employees in all departments in the company. Human resources have the ability to maintain all employees’ files and complaints as requested by the (USEEOC).   United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.   The human resource department must share with all employees who are staff in the company. What to do and what not to do. They must share with them where to park and where not to park their cars due to the company policy. In order to maintain education in the healthcare organization all rules and regulations must be followed. During the hiring process new employees have to watch company videos regarding the policy and the training they will have to do in order to maintain a job in this company.   Day one when new employees are hired there is a mandatory in-service for new hires. The in-services consist of infection control/blood borne pathogens, Abuse prevention, elder justice act, accident prevention, disaster preparedness. There are given by the human resource department.   Fire prevention and bariatric evaluation, OSHA/ lock out/ tag out are given by the maintance department manager. Once this part is done for new hires than the human...