Human Resources Management Roles

Human Resource Management Roles
HCS 341

Human Resource Management Roles
Most organization has realized that having a Human Resource Department is less expensive than having ads in the newspapers, or magazines. “The primary function of the human resources department is to be able essentially establish, develop, maintain, and communicate personnel policies to the organization, to represent, help, and advise and to consult with the employees.”   (Renckly, 2011). Human Resources adds value to the organization.
Once the applicant has been found the employment screening begins which does include screening, interviewing, drug testing (if the organization requires), testing the employee to make sure they qualify for the job, and then they are set to the qualified department if they pass all of the qualifications, and the application is correct. Human resources goal is to hire someone that is going to be at company for a long period of time.
“Good employee is retention is a goal for the organization to work towards” (Young, pg. 490   2007). To keep good employees they must be paid a fair amount for salaries and they will expect to get raises on time, if they performance is good. Merit raises are increases based on the employee’s performance. The Cost-of-living is increases which are earned usually once a year on annually. When an employee is prompted in their department then they expect a pay raise. When the organization pays their employees a fair salary it keeps their employees happy, then the organization will run smoothly.
Recruiting does not end with hiring. Orientation and training will help new employees to understand what is expected and it will help them do their jobs the best as they can. One of the most important issues with new employees that is hired. Is providing them with orientation and the correct training. Human Resources should develop a check off list of the paperwork that is given to the new employee to be mentioned or showed to the new hired...