Ethics, Morality and Legality
By Tiffany Blas
Personal jurisdiction is an issue for those who post websites because they seem to be considered to be an interactive use of a website. When a website interacts with the customers to get their attention this allows them to purchase goods or services online and to enter into a linking relationship with the host.
 When you design a website for your company, you must pay attention to the information you are trying to create a website to produce more productivity for your business you may have a problem due to it being a website that is strictly an interactive website for soliciting business there is a concern with personal jurisdiction.
 When a court can pursue personal jurisdiction, they have to have an actual business transaction in that state with evidence where residents are targeted. Lets say a business had there company in New York and they had a purchase that was made from the website from Georgia because they offered there services in Georgia, but had not legal right to provide any services or goods nationally. The court can then proceed with long-arm jurisdiction.
 The court can exercise long-arm jurisdiction over a company who sells in a different state and has his business in another state and they don’t have the right to sell, goods and services nationally, this is when the court can take long-arm jurisdiction action against the company.


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