Business Strategy

On commercial strategy, for an enterprise, from the perspective of future development of enterprises, strategic performance of a plan (Plan), and the development process from the enterprise point of view of the past, strategy is manifested in a pattern (Pattern). If from the industrial point of view, the performance as a strategic positioning (Position), and from the enterprise-level view. Strategy was manifested as a concept (Perspective).
Stakeholders of a company, mainly suppliers, managers and consumers, and, local government, the board and so on. Suppliers, mainly to provide some raw materials to meet the company products; managers, the management of the company, is responsible for the company's various management, protection of the normal operation of the company to achieve maximum benefits company; consumers, that customers buy products, enjoy the services provided. The three major stakeholders in the company, roughly the formation of the company's processes, and the company's interests are closely related.
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Haier has many advantages. Brand, Haier Group is the world's first brand of white goods, China's most valuable brands. Haier has developed into a large-scale multinational group in 2008, Haier Group achieved turnover of 119 billion yuan the world. Product advantages, Haier brand refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, water heaters, computers, mobile phones, home integration, and 19 products, including Haier refrigerators, washing machines, AQSIQ has also been world famous as the first batch of China. Service advantages, Haier brand-building support to service success factors Haier, Haier, which is the core competitiveness. We all received the Haier service, very good, very professional. In this behind the excellent and professional service team Haier carefully nurtured. Channel edge, in the new economic era, the development of electronic commerce, through the development of the dealer price competition will become...