Btec Hnd - Business Strategy


MODULE NAME: Business Strategy "1"
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Define the mission of the new college including its name, vision, objectives, goals and core competencies

Mission Statement
The Tripoli College Libraries participate in the educational mission of the College by providing a basis for open inquiry and research in the arts and sciences as well as by providing an informational framework for the instructional activities of the teaching faculty.
The mission of the College as stated is: "to furnish the means of a thorough, well-proportioned and liberal education." This mission is expressed today in the Tripoli College, which defines qualities of inquiry, knowledge, imagination, and social and historical consciousness that college seeks to develop in its students, and places a premium on "the immediate experience of creative ideas, works of art, and scientific discoveries" in this endeavor.

These qualities reflect the wider collective enterprise of advancing and disseminating knowledge in which the College participates. The values integral to this endeavor define the role of the libraries within the educational mission of the College, indicate its responsibility to this wider community, and are inherent in the act of reading itself. They include:
  * curiosity
  * freedom of expression
  * equality of access
  * the willingness to consider new ideas and ways of understanding
  * esteem for original thought and creativity
  * respect for diverse points of view
  * the desire to test and evaluate information
  * the importance of memory
  * the need to communicate.
Goals and Objectives
  * To deploy new and traditional intellectual technologies to identify, evaluate, select, organize, create, preserve, and make readily available collections of primary and secondary resources;
  * To provide common environments, physical and virtual, where readers, authors, information, and...