Business Proposal Week 4

Business Proposal
University of Phoenix

Business Proposal
Laptop computer technologies are the cutting edge of business and academic tools. With the advent of laptop computers business owners, students, and private citizens can take their businesses or academic projects as well as personal or social networking anywhere. However, the rechargeable battery power source is strictly limited with regard to time of available use after each recharge. Modern day rechargeable battery technologies are available with the use of solar power for a many things with the exception of laptop computer batteries.
The following proposal will illustrate the need for and the feasibility of Hewlett Packard manufacturing a laptop technology that integrates solar power with the existing electrical power to include a solar power rechargeable battery backup.   This proposal will further illustrate the need for Hewlett Packard to integrate this solar power technology into the current laptop technologies of i3, i5, and i7 models, and continue to integrate solar power into evolving laptop technological advancements.
This proposal will also highlight how the company may increase revenue and how concepts of marginal cost and marginal revenue increase or maximize profit.   When a company introduces pricing, and non-pricing strategies, and increases in product differentiation, minimizing costs of the product.
Increasing Revenue:   There are three ways a business can increase revenue.   (1) A company must increase the number of new clients or customers. (2) Increase the value of each sale made to a client or customers with courtesy, and knowledge or technological innovations and advancements. (3) Increase the number of times that client or customer buys from the company (Doyle, 2005).   Price is not always the answer, when company offers a lower price to the consumer he or she may look at this as a problem with the equipment the company is trying to sell.   The consumer who...