Communication Process Model

Week 1 Communication Process Model Assignment
Crystal Shealy
Jan. 11, 2014
Michael Bailey

Week 1 Communication Process Model Assignment

  This assignment was a little difficult to do because I have been out of the workplace for over 7 years. I’m a stay at home mom, home-school teacher and babysitter for my niece. When I was working, I was at Starbucks for 5 1/2 years there was a misunderstanding and mis-communication on one day. The day that I remember is a day that was very busy and we were shorthanded. I was in the drive thru during my shift, I got there at opening.
  The drive thru was open at 5 am and there was supposed to be another person that came in at 6 am before we got really busy, however no one else came in, I ended up by myself in the drive thru during one of the busiest times. I was unable to take any breaks, go to the bathroom and I was behind on drinks and orders. This was a very stressed day, I asked my supervisor about calling in someone to cover my breaks until the next person came in, but they weren’t able to make the phone call because we were so busy. I was told that I would be having someone come over to help.
  However, that was not the case, I ended up working for 12 hours without hardly a 10 min break. At the time I was the receiver and my supervisor was the sender. I thought that I was going to have some help with the customers that came through the drive thru, however that was not the case. Away to avoid that kind of situation would be to check the schedule to make sure that there was enough staff to cover breaks, lunches and employees that are getting off. Then the other issue that could have been avoid on that day would have been having the supervisor come over to help at the drive thru to help get caught up on drinks and all orders then let me go on a break.