Business Plan Proposal

To: Mr. McGuire
From: Ben Parker
Date: 9/26/2010
I am proposing to write a Business plan for a company that specializes in underwater boat cleaning and maintenance. There is a high demand for this type of business, around Texas’s coast lines and lakes. The business will specialize in boat cleaning but will also be involved in underwater recovery and searching. The algae growth on the bottom of boats decreases the total performance of the boat in general, and can increase your fuel consumption up to 25%. I am a certified scuba diver and very capable of starting and running this business, with the right resources. I have not heard of any competitor businesses around, but may run into a couple when the time comes. I want to write this report because it will be a good learning experience and it will further educate my knowledge on businesses and how they should work and run. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at
Introduction to the Subject Area 2
Audience and Purpose 2
Tentative Plan Outline 2
Pre Bibliography 3
Project Plan 3
Tasks 3
Schedule 4
Role 4
Conclusion 4

Introduction to the Subject Area
I’m writing a business plan for a company that does underwater diving work on boats and recovery diving.
Description of the Report
The business plan is estimated to be around 30 pages long including why the business would be successful and graphs and charts to prove this point. It will also include all the necessary documents, and proofs of insurance to run the business, and proof of a demand, of the services that the business would provide.
Audience and Purpose
Many boat owners are paying large amounts of money each year to have their boat pulled from the water to have the bottoms cleaned and serviced. With the cleaning services that my business will provide boaters all over Texas will be able to have their boat hulls cleaned without even removing them from the water. The boat...