Business Plan

Burpies Business Plan
By Cara Raske

Welcome to Burpies, a company created by moms for moms.   Burpies is a company that understands what one less step means in a busy mom’s day; a few more minutes for her family. The main goal at Burpies is to provide quality products that not at an affordable price. Our family here at Burpies invites you to invest in a company with tried and true values.
For starters let’s explore the basic background of Burpies.   The company is founded by me, Cara Raske and Tina Moore.   We are not only mothers but business women as well. We have decided to start this business together and thus, have formed a partnership.   The advantages of forming a partnership are easy set up of the company, both claim profits and losses on personal income tax returns, and we both bring different experiences and knowledge that have benefitted the company.   We have formed Burpies to provide a wonderful line of stain resistant baby products.
Burpies offers burp clothes, wash clothes, bibs, sheets, towels, and blankets.   The catch is that they are not the normal run of the mill baby items.   They are all produced to be stain resistant and this formula has been patented.   We will provide our consumers with demonstrations, promotions and warranties.   We will launch all our products at once but using the burp cloth as our signature item. Are goal is to use the burp cloth to gain household recognition and trust.   We will also provide online promotions and samples to entice consumers.
As for managing the financial side of the business we have researched and planned accordingly.   We have invested our money personally and have now leased the factory, equipment and purchased materials.   We have yet to hire and train personnel.   We first wanted to gain the feel of the cost prior to employing a staff.   Knowing how much it will take to produce our products was where we wanted and though it necessary to start.   We know how much that will be and that will be an average...