Business Ethics

Business Ethics


  January 4, 2010

  Doreen Gounaris

  Business Ethics, “What is Business Ethics”?   According to BNET Business Dictionary (2009), Business Ethics are defined as a system of moral principles applied in the commercial world, which provide guidelines for acceptable behavior by organizations in both their strategy formulation and day-to-day operations.   These behaviors or decisions in businesses normal operations often affect the organization and surrounding community in positive and negative ways.   Depending on the situation the business may be praised or frowned upon for their choices in which they conduct business.   We will examine three examples of business practices, ethical and unethical, and the effect of their choices and how they are viewed.

  Most people are familiar with the Intel Corporation, they are the world’s largest producer of microprocessors and are most likely powering many consumers home or work computers.   Recently Intel had a federal antitrust lawsuit filled against them by Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo.   The suit charges that Intel violated state and federal anti-monopoly laws by engaging in a worldwide, systematic campaign of illegal conduct to maintain its monopoly power and prices in the market of microprocessor (Attorney General of New York, 2009).

  Intel’s decisions to operate unfairly or unethically to keep a firm grip on the market and ultimately keep their competitors at a disadvantage by undermining their potential sales.   Intel is accused of bribing and coercing three of the nations largest computer makers, Dell, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard (Attorney General of New York, 2009).   Through rebates given by Intel to computer manufacturers in the billions and Intel’s propensity to coerce manufacturers into not using AMD products (second largest microprocessor manufacture) all contribute to the view that Intel practiced business unethically.   Intel’s profits rose whereas other computer...