Business Ethics

Business Ethics 2
When you are at work and you are faced with daily situations of right or wrong, you are dealing with business ethics. Business ethics examines ethical principals in business environments. When you are faced with ethical decisions you have to base them on your moral beliefs. How you know to go about situations you may be unfamiliar with, juggling with the pros and cons of what your decision making has affects on others, and working through your decision making regardless if its right or wrong. Business ethics deals with integrity, respect, honesty, and understanding. Your overall decision has affects on anyone and everyone connected to you in your business environment. Knowing and learning the basic ‘etiquettes’ of business ethics can have a huge affect on how your business is ran and whether it is or can become a more successful business in the future.
In today’s world, we see many ethical issues affecting communities and businesses. I believe the top three ethical issues I see most common is; discrimination, dishonesty, and communication. In all businesses these three ethical issues can have a huge affect on if a business is overall success or not successful.   You see discrimination everywhere you go and sometimes on a daily basis, from neighborhoods, to schools, and even workplaces. When you think of discrimination against individuals you think of the color of a person, you think of their religious beliefs, and you judge on their outer appearance from materialistic things. When I define discrimination I think of it being misunderstood, judged, and shallow. Because something is different from what you’re used to, some tend to think of the ‘unknown’ as being ‘bad’.   I believe that diversity in a business is key to success for the future. When you have such a large diversity or people you get exposed to almost everything and everyone. People learn and

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understand the differences from ethnicities, religions, cultures, and...