Business Ethics Relations

Business Ethics Relations
March 20, 2012

Ethics are used today to decide if what a person is doing is right or wrong.   We sometimes struggle to judge based on ethics and virtues we have acquired throughout our lives.   Over the course of our lives we will notice that the actions of others can cause change or dilemmas in the lives of one another.   I will be talking about a supervisor who took and spent money from the office fund that was not authorized and allowed it to fall on her employees.  
Danielle, a friend of mine used to work in a business office that was privately owned.   The office held maybe 10-15 employees, not including the three supervisors and one head manager.   Danielle, her supervisor and about three other employees had access to the office cash.   This cash was only to be used for office supplies, parties, or luncheons.   In order to use this cash it had to be authorized, meet the requirements, and the user had to have a legitimate receipt.   Everyone had to have the use authorized even the supervisors to ensure that there was not any personal usage.  
One day after adding up the cash and going over the receipts for a supervisor she noticed that the missing cash and the list of expenses did not add up.   She did not become alarmed at first, but instead she made a mental note to check it again the following week after it was replenished.   The following week Danielle noticed that the difference in the missing funds and list of expenses had increased a little bit more and instead of becoming alarmed she asked a fellow coworker to check behind her.   The co-worker checked behind Danielle and just advised her that maybe the last noted person that had been in the cash forgot to put down all of the expenses the cash was used for.   After a couple weeks had passed the head manager called all of the employees into her office to advise of the difference in the paperwork and the cash and wanted to remind them that unauthorized usage of it will be...